How To Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2

The Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 is a handy way to jot down notes, thoughts, and memos on your iPhone or iPad. But in the latest iOS 17.2 update, some users have reported issues with the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 not working properly or even disappearing from the home screen.

If you can’t open the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 or it’s missing after updating to iOS 17.2, don’t worry. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to try and Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 on your device.

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Check Your iOS Version

First things first – make sure your iPhone or iPad is actually running the latest iOS 17.2 update. To check, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, install it and then try using the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 again.

Upgrading to the most recent iOS version will install any bug fixes and improvements that could resolve problems with system apps like Journal. If your device is already on iOS 17.2, move on to the next steps.

Search for the App in the App Library

With iOS 14 and later, there’s an App Library that contains all your installed apps. If you can’t find the Journal on your home screen, it’s possible it was accidentally relocated to the App Library.

To access the App Library, swipe right from your last home screen page. At the top is a search bar – use it to search for “Journal” and check if the app shows up in the results.

If it does, tap to open the Journal app. You can then long-press on it and select “Add to Home Screen” to move it back to your home screen for quicker access.

Use the iOS Repair Tool

In some cases, the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 issues may stem from minor system glitches or corrupt app data in iOS 17.2. A thorough repairing of your iOS system can often resolve such problems.

The easiest way to do this is to use a dedicated tool like TunesKit iOS System Recovery. It allows you to fix 150+ iOS issues, including problems with system apps and missing icons, without losing any data.

To use it:

  1. Download and install TunesKit iOS System Recovery on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Launch TunesKit iOS System Recovery and put your device into recovery mode.
  4. Click “Repair Operating System” and let the tool download and replace the corrupted system files.
  5. Once complete, your device will reboot with a repaired, optimized iOS system. Check if the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 works properly now.

Repairing your iOS through TunesKit is completely safe, reversible, and preserves all your data. It’s a convenient way to troubleshoot quirky app behavior and system issues on your iPhone/iPad.

Seek Help From Apple Support Communities

If you still can’t get the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 to work after the steps above, don’t lose heart yet. You can tap into the collective experience of other iOS users by posting about your problem on Apple’s support communities.

There are two popular avenues to find help:

  • Apple Support Communities: You can join Apple’s official support forums at, select iOS as the product, and post details about your Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 issue under the appropriate category.
  • Reddit iOS Subreddits: Post about your problem on subreddits like r/iOS, r/ios17, r/applehelp, or r/iPhone and experienced members may be able to suggest fixes.

Describe precisely when the issue started, what troubleshooting you’ve already tried, iOS version, iPhone/iPad model, and other relevant details. This information will help others reproduce your issue and provide more accurate solutions.

With some luck, other users who faced the same problem before may guide you towards the right fix based on their own experience.

Summary of Fixes for Journal App in iOS 17.2

To quickly recap, here are the best troubleshooting steps if the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 is not working properly or missing after upgrading your iPhone/iPad to iOS 17.2:

  • Update to the latest iOS 17.2 version via Settings.
  • Check the App Library for Journal and add it back to the Home Screen.
  • Repair the iOS system with TunesKit iOS System Recovery to resolve underlying issues.
  • Ask for help on Apple Support Communities or iOS subreddits if the problem persists.

With a combination of standard troubleshooting, specialized iOS repair tools, and community assistance, you should be able to get the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2up and running again on your device updated.

Why Does the Fix Journal App Have Issues in iOS 17.2?

While Apple generally tests apps thoroughly before releasing iOS updates, bugs and problems can still slip through at times. Some potential reasons why the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 may malfunction specifically after upgrading to iOS 17.2 include:

  • Underlying software bugs – New iOS versions can introduce fresh bugs that affect system apps like Journal in unexpected ways. Apple will eventually fix such bugs in future patch updates.
  • App data corruption – Some update installations may run into glitches and corrupt app data. This can lead to crashes or odd behavior.
  • Incompatibility issues – An app’s code may inadvertently be incompatible with changes in the new iOS version, causing conflicts and issues.
  • Integration problems – New features in iOS 17.2 like home screen widgets may not integrate well with the Journal app, leading to problems.
  • Caches and leftovers – Old caches, temporary files, and outdated settings may clash with the updated iOS system files after an install.

Thankfully, the repairing, updating, troubleshooting steps outlined earlier can help circumvent most of these potential causes. Apple will also eventually release further iOS 17.2.x updates to fix lingering bugs and improve compatibility for Journal and other native apps.

Precautions – Avoid Data Loss When Fixing Journal

While trying to troubleshoot and fix the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2, be careful not to accidentally wipe your notes and memos stored in the app. Avoid these data-erasing missteps:

  • Don’t factory reset your iPhone or iPad through the Settings app – this will wipe the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 data.
  • Don’t delete and reinstall the Journal app, unless you’ve backed up the data.
  • Don’t restore from an old backup or iTunes – you’ll lose recent Journal notes.
  • Don’t signup for the beta program and install iOS 17.3 beta – it can delete app data.
  • When using a repair tool, pick Repair option, not Restore – restore deletes everything.

Always maintain up-to-date backups of your important iPhone/iPad data, including Journal notes, before troubleshooting issues. This will ensure you have copies of your information in case something goes wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2Issues

Here are answers to some common questions about fixing problems with the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2:

Q: Why did my Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 disappear after updating to iOS 17.2?

A: Most likely the app got moved to the App Library instead of the home screen during the iOS update process. Check the App Library to find and restore Journal to the home screen.

Q: How can I recover my old Journal notes if I factory reset the device?

A: Unfortunately, factory reset erases all data, including Journal notes. You cannot recover them unless you had a backup. Always maintain good backups before wiping your device.

Q: Are my Journal notes stored only on my iPhone, or does Apple keep a copy?

A: Your Journal data is only saved locally on your device, not synced or stored by Apple. So create backups regularly in case issues arise.

Q: Will an iOS 17.3 beta update maybe Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 problems?

A: Possibly yes, but avoid installing the iOS 17.3 beta at this stage. Being unfinished software, it may cause more harm than good right now.

Q: I tried everything but the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 crash on launch – what can I do?

A: A stubborn crash indicates deep system issues. Your best solution is to thoroughly repair the iOS software with a tool like TunesKit iOS System Recovery.


I hope this detailed guide covered all the key points related to diagnosing and fixing issues with the Fix Journal App in iOS 17.2 after upgrading your iPhone or iPad . The most effective troubleshooting steps involve:

  • Keeping your iOS version updated
  • Checking the App Library
  • Using professional repair tools like TunesKit
  • Asking Apple communities for assistance

Remember to avoid data loss when trying different fixes for the Journal app. Also, have patience as Apple will likely soon release an iOS update to permanently address underlying bugs causing problems with Journal and other native apps in iOS 17.2.

Remember to avoid data loss when trying different fixes for the Journal app. Also, have patience as Apple will likely soon release an iOS update to permanently address underlying bugs causing problems with Journal and other native apps in iOS 17.2.

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