How To Download IPA From Trollstore on iOS 17

iOS devices have historically only allowed installation of apps from the official App Store. However, with jailbreaking and third-party app stores like Trollstore on iOS 17, users can now download IPA app files and sideload them onto iOS. Trollstore on iOS 17 provides an easy way for users to install IPAs while avoiding many of the risks of traditional jailbreaking.

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An Introduction 

Released in early 2022, Trollstore on iOS 17 is a lightweight third-party app store for sideloading IPAs onto iOS. It uses enterprise certificates and other clever tricks to allow IPA installation without requiring the device to be jailbroken.

Some key things to know about Trollstore on iOS 17:

  • Compatible with iOS 14 through iOS 17 devices
  • Does not require jailbreak
  • Uses free developer certificates to sideload apps
  • Can install IPA files, emulators, ++ apps, and more
  • Features an app to easily install and manage IPAs
  • Renew certificates automatically in the background

Over 2 million iOS devices now have Trollstore on iOS 17 installed. Its ease of use and avoidance of jailbreak make it appealing for many users looking to expand beyond the App Store.

Downloading Trollstore on iOS 17 2 Compatible IPAs

The first step to install an IPA on your device using Trollstore on iOS 17 is to obtain an IPA file that is compatible with Trollstore on iOS 17 and your device’s iOS version. Here are some ways to get compatible IPAs:

Visit the Trollstore on iOS 17  Website

The Trollstore on iOS 17 website features a catalog of apps with IPA files available for download. All IPAs available on the site are compatible with Trollstore on iOS 17 and have been tested to work properly on iOS devices. Apps are sorted into categories making it easy to browse and find IPAs.

To download an IPA from the site:

  1. Navigate to on iOS 17/ on your iOS or desktop browser
  2. Browse or search for your desired IPA file
  3. Click the IPA file link to download the file onto your device

This is the simplest way to quickly obtain Trollstore on iOS 17 compatible IPAs.

Third Party IPA Catalogs and Repositories

There are various third party sites and repositories hosting IPA files as well. Some popular sources include:

  1. AppDB – Database of apps with IPAs available including hacked and modded games.
  2. iEmulators – Repository focused on emulators for classic console gaming.
  3. iOS Haven – Features apps, games, and jailbreak tweaks.

When obtaining IPAs from other sources, be careful to only use reputable sites to avoid malware. Confirm the IPA works with your iOS version before downloading.

App Signing Services

Signing services like Signulous, AppDB Pro, and iOSGods can sign IPA files upon request making them compatible to install on Troll store on iOS 17. Uploaded IPA files must pass screening before signing. This allows you to get IPAs signed even if they aren’t hosted on a site already.

Using Trollstore on iOS 17   to Install IPAs on iOS 17

Once you have a compatible IPA, using Trollstore on iOS 17 to install it on devices running iOS 17 takes just a few taps.

Install Trollstore on iOS 17 App

If you don’t already have the Trollstore on iOS 17 app installed, you’ll need to install it first through Safari or AltStore. Detailed instructions can be found in this Trollstore on iOS 17    installation guide.

Transfer IPA File to iOS Device

Next, transfer the IPA file you want installed to your iOS device:

  • From desktop – AirDrop or drag and drop into app like Documents by Readdle
  • From site – Download directly to device browser like Safari
  • From signing service – Open email download link on device

Be sure the complete IPA file is fully downloaded and available on your iOS device before proceeding.

Open Trollstore on iOS 17 App

Launch the Troll store on iOS 17app from your home screen. At the bottom, tap the Import IPA button.

Select and Open IPA

This will launch the iOS files browser. Navigate to where your IPA file is saved and tap the file to select it.

Troll store on iOS 17 will verify the IPA file and show the app details. Tap Install to proceed installing the IPA file to your device.

The app icon will appear on your home screen once the install is complete!

Verifying and Managing IPA Files

After installation from Trollstore on iOS 17 , you can verify and manage IPAs from the Trollstore on iOS 17 app.

Confirm Successful Install

In iOS 17, tap the Installed Apps tab to see all apps loaded via Trollstore on iOS 17 . Verify your newly installed IPA shows as installed properly.

If the app is not showing, try reloading the Installed Apps list. If it still doesn’t show, try redownloading and reinstalling the IPA file.

Managing and Deleting IPAs

From Installed Apps, you can also delete IPAs when wanted. Swipe left on any IPA entry and tap Delete to remove.

You can also tap an installed IPA to see details like last update, file size, and bundle ID.

Renewing Expired Certificates

Trollstore on iOS 17 relies on certificates from Apple’s developer program to install IPA files. These certificates will expire roughly every 7 days.

When certificates expire, you’ll see alerts about expired apps and new installs will fail.

Renewing is an automated background process in Trollstore on iOS 17requiring no user action. Trollstore on iOS 17periodically checks and renews certificates as needed to keep IPA installations working.

You can confirm certificates are active by checking the Certificates tab in Trollstore on iOS 17, or trying a new IPA installation.

Closing Thoughts

Trollstore on iOS 17 provides iOS users an easy and effective way to install IPA files while avoiding most downsides of jailbreaking procedures. With Trollstore on iOS 17 automatic certificate renewals, IPAs can be used smoothly for an extended period.

Obtaining compatible IPAs from reputable sources and transferring to your device storage are the only significant steps needed before swiftly installing anything you want via the Trollstore on iOS 17app in just a few clicks.

Hopefully this guide has shown how usable and powerful this tool is for iOS power users looking to tap into IPAs well beyond what the App Store offers!

Summary of the Key Steps:

  1. Download compatible IPA files from Trollstore on iOS 17 catalogs or other sources
  2. Transfer IPA files to your device storage
  3. Install Trollstore on iOS 17 if you don’t already have it
  4. Use Trollstore on iOS 17 to import and install IPA files in a few taps
  5. Check Trollstore on iOS 17 for install status and manage IPAs
  6. Let Trollstore on iOS 17 automatically renew expiring certificates


No jailbreak requiredRequires occasional user interaction for certificate renewal
Easy and quick IPA installationPotential security risks from sideloading untrusted IPAs
Works reliably on iOS 14+Requires 7-day certificate renewals to maintain app installs
Revokes/deletes apps automatically on expiryLimited selection of IPA files compared to jailbreaking
Self-signing service for any IPA fileNeed Apple dev account after hitting free certificate limit

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