How to Fax from an iPhone: A Complete Guide

fax from iphone documents directly from your iPhone is easier than ever thanks to modern apps and services. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about fax from iphone, including step-by-step instructions, recommended apps, tips and tricks, and troubleshooting advice.

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With the decline of traditional fax machines, many people now rely on online fax services to send and receive faxes digitally. The good news is that with the right tools, you can send professional faxes directly from your iPhone with just a few taps.

Faxing from your iPhone allows you to:

  • Send faxes from anywhere, without being tied to a physical fax machine.
  • Quickly fax documents, photos, signed contracts and more, right from your iOS device.
  • Maintain a professional, reliable way of sharing documents and communicating.
  • Take advantage of digital signatures, encryption, and other security features.
  • Save time and money compared to legacy faxing methods.

In this guide, we’ll recommend the best fax apps for iOS, walk through how to set up your account, attach files, include a cover sheet, and troubleshoot any issues that arise. With the knowledge in this article, you’ll be faxing from your iPhone with confidence.

Choosing the Best Fax App for iPhone

The first step is selecting an iOS app to handle your faxing needs. Here are some of the top options:


One of the most popular choices, eFax gives you a full-featured fax app plus access to an online account. With eFax you can:

  • Send and receive faxes via email.
  • Attach Word, Excel, PDFs and other files.
  • Sign documents digitally before faxing.
  • Receive a local or toll-free fax number.
  • Enjoy 24/7 customer support.

The eFax app for iPhone makes it easy to fax from anywhere. It’s free to download with subscriptions starting at $10/month.


Fax.Plus offers a free iOS app with no monthly fees. Instead, you pay per fax page sent or received. Fax.Plus allows you to:

  • Send faxes internationally.
  • Receive unlimited incoming faxes.
  • Choose custom cover pages for branding.
  • Enable read receipts to confirm delivery.
  • Integrate with cloud storage like Dropbox.

While not as full-featured as some paid apps, Fax.Plus is a cost-effective way to send faxes from an iPhone.


Part of the popular Dropbox ecosystem, HelloFax provides robust fax capabilities without the need for a physical fax line. Key features include:

  • Send and receive faxes by email. -SMS notifications when faxes are sent or received. -Easy attachment of documents from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and more. -Digital signatures to authorize documents. -Built-in optical character recognition (OCR).

HelloFax has tiered pricing plans starting at $10 per month. It integrates tightly with Dropbox for easy cloud access to faxes.

Fax Zero

For occasional users, Fax Zero offers a free web fax service accessible from any iPhone web browser. With Fax Zero you can:

  • Send 5 free faxes per day up to 3 pages each.
  • Attach PDFs, Word docs, and JPGs.
  • Receive 5 free incoming faxes per day up to 3 pages each.
  • Add a cover page with notes for the recipient.

While Fax Zero has daily limits, it’s suitable for users who only fax documents occasionally.

When choosing the best app for your needs, consider factors like monthly pricing, features, file support, and ease of use. The above apps are all highly rated fax solutions for iOS.

Step-by-Step Guide to Faxing from iPhone

Once you’ve selected the ideal fax app, it’s time to start sending faxes from your iPhone. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions using eFax as an example, but the general process is similar across most apps.

Step 1: Create an Account

  • Download and install the eFax app from the iOS App Store. Tap ‘Sign Up’ to create a new eFax account.
  • Enter your email address and choose a password to register your account.
  • Configure your account settings like billing information, fax number, and contacts.
  • eFax offers a 30 day free trial to test the service.

Step 2: Compose Your Fax

  • Open the eFax app and tap the ‘Send Fax’ button.
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number using the keypad or select a contact.
  • Customize the cover page with your name, company, and an optional note.
  • Tap ‘Attach File’ and select a file from your iPhone’s internal storage, iCloud Drive, Dropbox or other cloud services.
  • eFax supports PDF, DOC, JPG, and other common file formats.

Step 3: Review and Send

  • Double check the recipient and attached file.
  • Tap ‘Send’ to fax the document.
  • The app will confirm when the fax is sent successfully.
  • By default, eFax also emails you a copy of the sent fax for your records.

That’s it! With just a few taps, you can now fax contracts, invoices, signed documents, and more from your iPhone.

Faxing Tips and Tricks

Now that you know the basics of faxing from your iPhone, here are some pro tips to help:

  • Add your signature – Many fax apps allow you to add a digital signature to documents before faxing. This helps authenticate sensitive papers.
  • Use cover pages – Take advantage of customizable cover sheets to identify the recipient, attach notes, and brand your faxes.
  • Save contacts – Store frequently used recipient numbers in your fax app to save time.
  • Enable notifications – Get SMS or app notifications when a fax is successfully sent or received.
  • Go paperless – Reduce clutter by opting for paperless fax storage in your fax app account.
  • Set reminders – If awaiting an important fax, set a calendar reminder on your iPhone to follow up.
  • Enable encryption – For sensitive data, enable SSL/TLS encryption within your fax app for added security.
  • Troubleshoot issues – If a fax fails, check your connectivity, confirm the recipient number, and retry sending it.

With these tips, you can optimize your iPhone faxing workflow for maximum productivity wherever you are.

Common iPhone Faxing Issues and Fixes

Like any technology, faxing from an iPhone may occasionally have issues like transmission failures or poor image quality. Here are some potential problems and ways to fix them:

Can’t log into fax app – If unable to log into your fax app, verify your wifi or cellular connection is active. Also reset your account password if needed.

Low quality faxed images – For clearer faxes, use high resolution PDFs or JPGs. Also clean the iPhone camera lens if faxing photos taken on your device.

Fax sending failures – Double check the recipient’s fax number is correct. Their fax machine may be off, out of paper, or out of toner. Follow up to confirm it was received.

Not receiving faxes – Check the service number is properly forwarded to your fax app. Contact your provider to troubleshoot incoming fax problems.

iPhone storage full – Fax apps need free space for temporary files. Delete unneeded photos or apps to clear iPhone storage space.

Uninstall/reinstall app – If your fax app has unresolved glitches, uninstall and reinstall the latest version of the app to improve stability.

By taking the appropriate troubleshooting steps, you can overcome any faxing challenges that arise when sending documents from your iPhone.

Top iPhone Fax Apps Comparison

To summarize, here is a comparison of some of the top fax apps for iOS:

AppPricingKey Features
eFaxStarting at $10/monthEmail-to-fax, digital signatures, 24/7 support
Fax.PlusPay per fax, no monthly feeInternational faxes, unlimited receiving
HelloFaxStarting at $10/monthIntegrates with Dropbox, OCR support
Fax ZeroFree up to 5 faxes dailySimple web faxing, coversheets

All of these apps allow you to fax Word documents, PDFs, images and more from your iPhone. Choosing the right one depends on your usage requirements and budget.


Faxing important documents directly from your iPhone is simple with the technology available today. Apps like eFax provide seamless mobile fax capabilities so you can digitally send and sign contracts, invoices, referral forms, photos and other files on the go.

With a little setup and practice, you can handle all your faxing needs from the convenience of your iOS device. Just download a trusted fax app, set up your account, connect files to fax, and hit send. Along with tips provided in this guide, you’ll be faxing successfully in no time.

The ability to fax from anywhere allows businesses and individuals to cut cords, save time, and improve productivity. So next time you need to fax something, don’t waste time finding a desktop fax machine – just pull out your iPhone. Welcome to modern document sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is faxing from my iPhone secure?

A: Yes, faxing from your iPhone can be very secure. Reputable fax apps use encryption like TLS and SSL to protect your data. You can also enable sign-on passwords and other security features for peace of mind.

Q: Can I fax internationally from my iPhone?

A: Absolutely. Top fax apps like eFax support international faxing to numbers around the world. Rates may be higher than domestic faxes though.

Q: Do I need a cellular connection or WiFi to fax?

A: An active cellular data or WiFi connection is required to send and receive faxes on your iPhone. For best results, use a stable high-speed connection.

Q: Are faxes from my iPhone readable and good quality?

A: Yes, as long as you start with a high resolution source document without image degradation or artifacts. Maintain your iPhone camera lens for quality faxed photos.

Q: How do I add a cover page or signature?

A: Most fax apps provide options to customize cover pages and even add signatures before faxing a document from your iPhone. Check the app’s settings for these features.

Table of Popular Fax Apps

AppPricePlatformsKey Features
eFax$10+/monthiOS, AndroidEmail-to-fax, 24/7 support, OCR
HelloFax$10+/monthiOS, AndroidIntegrates with Dropbox, contacts syncing
Fax.PlusPer fax pricingiOS, AndroidInternational faxes, custom cover pages
Fax ZeroFreeWeb5 free faxes daily up to 3 pages each

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