Apple Music Resource Unavailable After iOS 16.2: Here’s How to Fix It

Since you are here, you must have faced the “Resource Unavailable” error while listening to songs on your iPhone on Apple Music. Plus, iOS 16.2 was released recently, and many users think that they are facing an error after updating to iOS 16.2.

However, the same problem is faced by users who haven’t updated to iOS 16.2 as well. So, is Apple Music down and facing a global outage, or is it due to IOS 16.2?

Why Does Apple Music Say Resource Unavailable?

Slow internet speed and Apple Music’s server issue are the two most common problems that can cause Apple Music to show “Resource Unavailable.”

If you use Apple Music regularly, you might have faced the same issue before as well.

Is iOS 16.2 Causing Apple Music to show “Resource Unavailable”?

No, iOS 16.2 doesn’t cause a “resource not available” error in Apple Music. Apple Music’s servers are down, which caused the global outage of the music streaming service.

This is just a coincidence that so many users have installed iOS 16.2 and faced the error.

How do I fix “Apple Music Resource Unavailable”?

Here are some solutions that you can try to solve the issue:

1. Check If Apple Music’s Servers Are Down

Visit, and check if the chart shows upward trends. Check out the image below; it shows nearly 400 Apple Music users have reported an outage of the service in the last 24 hours.

If there is a global outage, you can do nothing but wait for a few hours until Apple resolves the server issues.

2. Make sure the Internet Is Working Fine

As stated, when your iOS device doesn’t get proper signals from a Wi-Fi connection or telecom service provider, you may see this error.

In such a case, make sure your internet connection is working properly. This may solve the Apple Music issue.

3. Relaunch the Apple Music App

Try forcing the Apple Music app to close on your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom and swiping up the Apple Music app preview.

If you have an iPhone with Touch ID, double press the home button and then swipe up the app preview.

Now open the app again and play any song to check if the problem is solved or not.

4. Reboot Your iPhone

This is one of the common troubleshooting methods that can solve such errors. Just switch off your iPhone and wait for at least one minute before turning it back on.

Once it is turned on, check the internet connection and play songs on Apple Music to see if you face the “Resource Unavailable” error. In most cases, this can solve the issue.

5. Update to the Latest iOS Version

This is another common method that can solve common issues. Go to Settings => General => Software and check if the latest update is available.

Update to the latest iOS update, if there’s one.

6. Wait for A Few Hours

When none of the methods mentioned above work for you, I recommend waiting for a few hours. When there are issues with Apple Music servers, you can just wait for the developer to fix the bug.

Meanwhile, you should check whether your Apple Music subscription has not expired.


Using these methods, you will be able to fix the Apple Music “Resource Unavailable” problem. Check to find similar articles.

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